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The music is Lagrima (tears) of Francisco Tarrega.


Here is where I try to learn how internet works. And I have tryed to make a simple homepage.

Just to learn the different techniks that can be used. So dont look too much on what is inside here.
Look more on how it is done and that it is done of a rookie at 59.
I have tried to use some java and flash. Just for fun. And I hope you have the patiens to wait until the sites ar uploaded. It might take a while. And you got to have Java enabled and you got to have Flash, Active -X and Shockwave downloaded and so on. But there is some help down the site.

Have fun……

Mail me if you have thoughts…

The best in life….

  • The little cottage on the island…
  • The carpentry and the scent of wood…..
  • Whiskey, single malt, of course…. but also grain..
  • The chocolate….Marabou or Guylian….
  • The music, right now Andrea Bocelli… and many more….
  • The books, Louise Boije af Gennäs
  • Jan Fridegård, Jan Guillou , Eric Maria Remarque and Tom Clancy…
  • Real friends…………


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