Right now

At the moment I am pretty happy with my situation……. I am retired since more than 2 years and I allways had a job, during my all life. And I even liked it! Not everyone have a job these days, and not many have a good job. You can check my last job as a CEO at the “work” at the rolling menu.
I live in the city of Stockholm. Well, right now I live in Ukraine, in the city of Poltava. An old, small city witch is very interesting for us Swedes. We lost a big battle here at the year of 1709 against the Russians. It didn´t even help that the Ukrainians were on our side.

I am married with a wondwerful Ukrainian woman. Irina.
You can read about us at the link “My Blog”.
I am reading a lot especially when I travel. Mostly I prefer a strong thriller. Jan Guillou and Tom Clancy. I also like Louise Boje af Gennäs, Herman Lindqvist, Erich Maria Remarque and Jan Fridegård, some favourites in other genres.
I also like very much to make funny furnitures in wood. But right now I have very little access to my workshop at Logarn in Strängnäs, Sweden.

You can see some of my furnitures at the link “Cabin”

I have three kids, all grown up……at the age anyhow. Two girls and a boy.
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Anna Nina Catarina, 51 Nathali Maria Isabel, 47 Krister, 43

I have a lot of spare time, of course. So I am spending a lot of time in front of the computer trying to beat the stockmarket, both the Swedish, American and Russian. It is a habbit since my last job. And it gives actually some extra cash. I have a good relation with the bars and restaurants here in Poltava.
I am going out a lot with my wife and I like the Ukrainian kitchen.
I have even learned to like their “Konjak”!!!!!
At least some of them!

The music is: A whiter shade of pale” with Procul Harum. One of my absolute favorites..